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Donating to the server helps cover server costs, and keeps the server running. Donators also receive special privileges.



The minimum donation amount for receiving the donator status is 5 euro (PayPal). You may donate less than that amount, but you will not get donator status on the server. All donations are appreciated though :)

When donating you accept that donations are non-refundable and will not be given back under ANY circumstances. To avoid any complications, please read this page in its entirely before donating. Any PayPal chargebacks will result in an instant and permanent ban from the server, forum and IRC network, regardless of the donated amount.

It can take up to one week under normal circumstances before you receive your donator status after you sent the correct information like written below. If you didn't receive your donator status, please send another message and state that your previous message wasn't received.

You are responsible for requesting access to the donator group after you received donator status in-game. Once you're accepted you can ask for IRC donator status in the corresponding topic. Requesting donator group access before you actually donated will get you forum banned!



  • Antifall of bike: use /antifall (/afall) for antifall of bike.
  • Jump-boost: use /jumpboost (/jboost) for jump-boost. use your horn key to jump with jump-boost enabled.
  • My text: use /mytext (text) to attach a 3d text above your head. use /textoff to remove it.
  • Horn ramp: use /hornramp to spawn a ramp infront of you. it will be automatically destroyed after 5 seconds.
  • Speed boost: use /speedboost (/sboost) to enable your speed boost. enable speedboost for more information.
  • Super brakes: use /superbrake (/sbrake) to enable your super brakes. enable superbrakes for more information.
  • Disco car: use /discocar (/dcar) to enable your disco car.
  • Donator island: use /disland to teleport there.
  • Jetpack spawning: use /jetpack to spawn a jetpack.
  • Other benefits: when in a vehicle with either speedboost, superbrakes or jumpboost enabled, your vehicle will automatically be repaired.
  • Other benefits: for each donated euro, the player recieves $100,000 in-game.



  1. Donating doesn't mean you have the rights to break any rules, you will be treated like any other player. If you abuse your donator abilities to annoy other players, the donator status will be taken away from you.
  2. Getting banned doesn't mean that your donation gets refunded, apply like any other player when you think the ban was unfair.
  3. Donating doesn't help you on getting admin status and wont give you any kind of priority on you admin application.
  4. In some cases, donating in the form of a good map for the server is allowed, ask Ricardo if any maps are currently needed.



After you have donated, it is your own responsibility to let Ricardo know that you've donated.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (recommended).
  • Send Ricardo a forum PM.

When doing this, make sure to provide the following information:

  • Your PayPal transaction ID
  • Your name or e-mail address used for the donation.
  • The in-game name you want to apply donator status to (your own or somebody elses full in-game name).
  • The donation amount.

Do NOT ask for donator status in-game, but use one of the three methods mentioned above. Messages not containing the requirements listed above will be ignored.


If you're planning on donating multiple times within a short timespan, or for multiple people at the same time, please read this important announcement regarding PayPal donator fees. It really helps out a lot!