Forum Rules & Formats [SHORT VERSION]

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Forum rules
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Forum Rules & Formats [SHORT VERSION]

Post by Papa_Miracoli » Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:18 pm

1. No flaming - respect all players and admins.
2. No spamming - don't post things that have nothing to do with the subject, no double posting, no useless quoting.
3. No bumping - Bumping means replying to topics that didn't get any replies for a long time.
4. No advertising
5. No warez
6. This is an English forum, that means everyone has to talk English.
7. No sex, nude or any other media that contains pornographic material or refering to it / linking to it.
8. Do not point people on their rule breaking, but report their posts instead.
9. No huge forum signatures or avatars allowed, keep the forum decent for people with a smaller screen.
10. We already have topics about certain subjects, so don't make new ones for the same subject - search instead. (e.g.: signatures, music)
11. Don't vandalize your posts. Example situation: you post: "hello I have a problem with my computer. ...etc...."
Some players reply and give you the solution to your problem. You go to your first post and edit it to "EDIT: nvm i found it.". This way, nobody can see what the topic was about anymore.

12. The following sections are more severely moderated:
Ban Appeals
Admin Applications
Player Complaints
Bug Reports

When you CREATE A TOPIC in one of these sections:
You have to use a FORMAT when you create a topic. Look for a topic called "Admin Application Format" or "Ban Appeal Format" (or "... Format",..) in the corresponding section.

When you REPLY TO A TOPIC in one of these sections:
Ban Appeals: you can only respond to a player's ban appeal when you're an admin working on the case, the player who is appealing or when you have evidence to post.
Player Complaints: you can only respond to a player complaint when you're an admin working on the case, the player who created the complaint or when you're the player being complained against.
Admin Applications: you can only respond to an admin application when you're the player who's applying, or when you want to place your vote. When you vote, make sure you mention WHY you vote positive or negative.
Suggestions: you can only respond to a suggestion when you have something to say that contributes (2. No spamming)
Bug Reports: you can only respond to a bug report when you have something to say that contributes (2. No spamming)

These rules apply to our IRC channels as well. Admins may also punish you for things not
written in the rules. If your post(s) get deleted, that means your post shouldn't be there. Take it as a warning.

These are the rules written in short. You know most of the rules when you read this. If you are looking for the formats and a more detailed explanation of the rules, you can find it here.

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