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Dear editor,

I am writing to apply for an unban about my ban about 4 months ago.

As u all know, i was just trolling and bombed some players, but I don't seems to be breaking the rules very seriously.

Yes, you may say I am being impolite to some admins/owners, but I felt sorry about that.

After some time that I have been banned, I lost my houses, business, etc, and I think I have deserved what I have been done in before, that's why I am writing for an unban.

I think that everyone have their own chance, and I didn't been banning before, so I hope you can give me an unban.

Last but not least, I also want to have my Donating island's files back as I have delete the files accidentally , sorry for the inconvenient caused.

If u have any inquires about the problems that I have been mentioned  above, please reply in this email address.

Yours Faithfully,


Oh you!