v7.0 Public Test Server

Hello all, 

I am pleased to announce that we are now in the testing stages of some new features and that a new server was created for this exact reason. Everyone is able to join this server, however keep in mind that it will be locked and not on the hosted tab so it will not be seen. 
If you do happen to join this server and play I really hope you do enjoy yourself as I have been working hard at learning pawno and how the R-FS code works. If you find any bugs, please report them in the appropriate section. 
The current server will be updated almost daily with hotfixes where they are reported and where I feel some systems may need some tweaking. Let me add below what has been added so far:

Player Attachment System - /att - This is fully SQL based and will always be saved to your person.
Derby System - /derby - This is a new minigame I felt needed added to the server. So give it a try. P.S: Some bugs may be present, please report if you find any.
Bonus Vehicle System - Everyone's favorite minigame was readded. I made some fixes to where players could not abuse certain commands to get one up on other players by using custom teleports to teleport it and win automatically.
Neon System - /cm > neons - Self explanatory.
Radio System - /radio - I have added 2 radio stations for each category, besides classic rap. You can also use a custom link below. If you have a station you'd like added to the menu, PM me it on the forums.
Cube Parkour - /cube - This was made by Guuch_62 and is a full minigame with rewards at the end scripted by me. Perfect map and minigame, give it a try.
Stat Additions - I have added Register Date, Derbies Won, Races Completed to the /stats menu. Some more statistics will be added in the foreseeable future.

If you have anything to suggest, please do it in the appropriate forum tab. I am always listening to suggestions and will be focused on what the players here want (within my scripting knowledge).
After myself and Ricardo feel confident that the server is ready for prime time we will be moving it to the hosted tab and onto a better host. 
I have re-registered all the IRC channels and they all work now.
P.S.S: You will have to re-register ingame. No need to worry, all of your old statistics are still stored away and safe.
I declare the server hereby no longer inactive and it was never dead. Welcome back to Ricardo's Funserver!

PASSWORD: trevor123