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New admins

Congratulations to the 3 new admins: [WsB]Gin (Gin), Exotic_Cars (Exotic) and Quicksilver (Snoocky)!

And welcome back to the team, ViruZZzZ_ChiLLL and M4z!

Congratulations to you all!

Server renewed another month!

Thanks to donations, we have paid for the server for another month =).


Garsino's Funserver Official Wiki

Hi guys! You can click here to enter our offical wiki page. Please note that, any vandalism done on any of our articles will result in a wiki and in-game ban.


New forum (again :P)

Hey Guys,

We have new forum software, but I promise this is the last time you need to register. Click here for the forum. The forum software we have now is really good 

PS. Thanks so much H0rn for the software! <3 (no homo).