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Version 6.1 released!

The banner for Update 6.1


Aha, you know what it is! Black and yellow, black and yellow... But no, seriously. We've made another update! This time I collaborated with Miracoli on what we both think is one of the best updates in the server's history! Spam that "read more" button, because you're going to love this one as well!

So first of all I want to make clear that we're no longer with Volt-Host. The server has moved to SmartByteHosting, which is a brand new company that bought the well-known SA:MP hosting company called KingJ. It does hurt a lot financially to leave behind over $50 on that account, but we can no longer stand the down times and issues. Don't you agree?

This means that there's another IP change. The difference with this one is that I still have access to the old server, which currently holds a banner to tell people about the new IP. This means that there won't be any lost players to due to the IP changing unexpectedly. The new IP to access R-FS can be found on the left of the homepage or by looking at the old server in your SA:MP client.

So, what does the actual update have to offer? It's called maps and stuff for a reason, right? Yes it is. I've decided to take this opportunity to create an update that includes a lot of maps that have been sitting on my computer for ages. Mainly maps made by Dimonchik have been waiting forever to get taken into consideration. But halfway through the process it has become quite clear that they're simply too many maps for one update. This means there'll probably be a follow-up in the near future to add the rest of them.

On the sixth of January somebody released a hacking tool for SA:MP that allows people to flood servers by performing a direct attack on SA:MP's network layer. This would cause the entire server to freeze up and stop responding. Not many hours later almost every single SA:MP server on the hosted tab was taken down, including R-FS. This issue, while patched, isn't completely fixed as of today. There's a massive amount of player timeouts going on every few minutes. This happens when somebody attacks the server using the tool specified above. More information about this can be found on the R-FS Facebook page. Because of these issues I've also decided to crank up the anti-cheat a lot. Many parts of it have been removed and totally remade from scratch. This should make it impossible for people to flood the server down by using programs made for this purpose. The timeouts will be fixed as soon as the SA:MP team releases an update to address this issue completely.

There are also many random other improvements everywhere, but the crème de la crème has to be this:

Miracoli messaged me while I was still working on adding new maps to the server with a brilliant idea. The idea was about adding the ability for players to create their own races. He also told me that he was aleady working on it! I got very excited about this and immediately started asking many questions. We've both agreed that this feature had to be a part of this update without a doubt! And here it is :). After Miracoli sent me the code, I immediately started on the lengthy process of implementing it into R-FS. This took a very long time, because parts of the code collided with existing things, like the regular racing system. Because of this there might be still a few bugs here and there, but those will get patched out as soon as possible. This new method of creating and playing races is called the "Community Racing System". Check out /cmds in-game to find out how it works exactly.

This is the way the server calculates how many races you can create and have up at the same time:

  1. Someone joins the server as a guest. He or she can't make races, but playing existing races is possible.
  2. The player registers an account. Now it's possible to create two races. If you want to make more, you'll have to delete one of your previous races.
  3. As soon as you become a Regular Player you'll immediately gain access to creating two more races! This means you can have four races at the same time.

In an addition to this, a donator will get a fifth race available to his account.

This is what Miracoli has to say about his community race system:

Hi guys,

as Ricardo already briefly explained, R-FS is now equipped with a new race system. Let me first point out that the current race system (that holds races like Stadium race, Around SA race and so on) was not replaced or deleted. The community races system is added to this, check /races and view the last option in the list.
You can use /craces to view the main panel of the community races.
From now on, you can be who you want to be:
Create the races yourself! Go anywhere in San Andreas and start creating a race. Have it your way, let your creativity take control and make the most challenging races for the RFS community. Fight against other race creators and may the most popular races shine on the R-FS Leaderboards!
Or accept the challenge and beat the races made by anyone else! Via /craces, you can view the most popular races, recently created races or start races by their ID, so you can access them all. Records are saved, so give it your best shot whenever you play someone's race - you might break the record, get a cash prize and be the new record holder for that race!

As usual, suggestions are welcome and let the bug reports come to us; we'll be fixing!


Hopefully the new host will give us nothing but a good time, so that we can all forget about the issues in the past. Uptime, players and a community is of course what we all want to see.

Full change log:

  • Fixed /groupinvite.
  • Improved server flood protection in some ways.
  • Remade the server spawns. You'll no longer spawn in other people's houses and businesses now.
  • Added Miracoli's mystery bag spawns.
  • Removed the lamppost that used to stand in the middle of the road on the Garver Bridge.
  • Added Dimonchik's 'Dragrace Track Map'. You can get there by using /teles > Custom Maps > Dragrace Track Map or with the command /dragrace.
  • Added the /bounce command to teleport to the bounce map. The height is also increased a little bit.
  • Added Dimonchik's Funzone map. Use /funzone or /teles > Custom Maps to get there.
  • Created a new race called 'King Of The Waves 2'. Map by Dimonchik.
  • Improved the bank limiter. It's more accurate now. Thanks PAWN for not supporting long integers...
  • Disabled the extended debugger.
  • Fixed a typo in the trucking mission destination.
  • Updated the server plugins.
  • SA:MP's Los Santos elevator filter script is now loaded by default.
  • Added Dimonchik's 'Parkour map'. Use /parkour or /teles > Custom Maps to get there.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an invalid MySQL query to run when an unregistered player gets banned.
  • Blocked the ability to connect external emulated NPCs to the server.
  • The server IP limiter no longer overflows causing the function to glitch out and stop working.
  • Created a new MySQL based session manager to block reconnect abuse. This replaces the old bot chain code, because it's way more effective.
  • Created a new race called 'Off-road Race'. Map by Dimonchik.
  • Added Miracoli's brand new community race system!
    • You can use /race(s) and /cmds to learn how it works.
    • The amount of races people can create depend on their status. Read the text posted above the change log for more information.
    • The system has been made from scratch by Miracoli for R-FS, and it has been implemented and modified by me.
  • Added the missing dialog branding to several dialogs throughout the gamemode.
  • Decreased the maximum IRC message length. The old limit + a long name would make the message invisible in-game due to SA:MP's limit.
  • Your IRC name can no longer be longer than 24 characters when you want to talk in-game.
  • Fixed the 'Auto Tune' option when driving an Elegy. The exhaust ID used to be wrong, which caused an in-game error.
  • Remade the server random weather code to more more efficient and realistic.
  • Removed the transfer module from R-FS v6.0. You can no longer get your account restored if the importing went wrong back in August 2013.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll enjoy the update as much as we do!