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Version 7.0 Released!

Version 7.0 of Ricardo's Funserver has finally been released to the community and with it comes a complete revival of the server.

Here is the official changelog:

  • Player Attachments - Each player can add attachments to their skin (6 slots). /att
  • Derby Event - You can use this by using /derby. You must have two players in for it to start. It does not give you weapons, you must use your own.
  • Radio System - You can now use /radio to listen to online stations and even listen to your own custom station.
  • Discord is the new IRC - IRC has been removed and all ingame echo chat has been moved to Discord. Yes you can chat ingame via the Discord. Link above.
  • Neons - Players are now able to attach neons to their vehicle through /cm. Keep in mind you can only attach a set at a time and it deletes when you disconnect.
  • Lobby Changes - The lobby has been changed back to San Fierro and now use actors for most of the checkpoints, as well as all the stores.
  • Bonus Vehicle - Bonus vehicle is now back and will not be able to be abused this time. /ct and /teles and the ability to repair have been disabled if you are in a non-spawned bonus vehicle.
  • Cube Parkour - A parkour challenge that awards score and money have been added by community member Gucchi. Use /cube for this.
  • Not registering - Not registering on the server will now kick you as it does not make sense to have guests anymore.
  • New Stats - New statistics have been added to /stats. Such as K/D Ratio, Register Date, Races Completed.


Some general bug fixes for the server have been implemented as well.

The future ahead:
With the release of 7.0 I am excited to see future suggestions from players about what they would like added. I have in mind some stuff of what I will add in the coming days and weeks and these are:

  • More challenges and parkours
  • A leaderboard system ingame using /leaderboard
  • A duel system

Hosted tab has been renewed for the server and is now live!

PLEASE do not abuse emojis and sending pictures. You will get banned for it as it can crash the server. Enjoy it and chat with your friends ingame.


As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the server!

If you find any bugs please post a bug report on the forums.