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Version 5.7 released!

The banner for Update 5.7


Hey guys! I have some good news for everyone. R-FS v5.7 has been released to the public today. The update might not be as big as the previous one, but it only took one month to create instead of almost a year.

The update includes many bug fixes, but also a few very nice new features. I’ve tried to make this update  work with the existing server as seamlessly as possible and I think this turned out pretty OK.

There is one major thing that affects most players, but it only takes a few seconds to fix. Almost everyone who registered an account before the update will have a gray name once they connect. This can be solved by selecting a different colour in /settings. I just couldn’t make the name colours update without having this minor inconvenience.

Click the more link below to see the rest of the article and the full change log.


There’s also one new addition that might look very small, but it actually isn’t. The home page now shows live mini statistics about the server. The full web stats module is not implemented yet due to it requiring a lot of work to convert the server to a fully working and tested MySQL script, but hopefully this is a jump towards the right direction.


Group commands:

Papa_Miracoli: For quite some time, players have been asking for a feature that would allow people to create and manage groups. Viewing our forum, R-FS has groups around that gather in-game and do events among themselves.

For this, I’ve created a simple group system. You can create a group, invite and kick players from it, and send messages to your fellow group members.

It’s still very basic, as said before, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. The system is open for expansion, so be sure to expect some new features in the next versions of R-FS. And as always, suggestions are very welcome!

Full change log:

  • Some minor bug fixes.
  • Added tons of new Cookiemonster quotes for no specific reason.
  • Fixed the /rob command check that stopped working in v5.6.
  • There's now a 1/5 chance that a robbery will fail.
  • Updated some existing donator houses and islands.
  • Updated the songs in /music.
  • Added n4z1 & WoodenVillage's Satan's Corner race map.
  • Updated the anti-cheat to detect player crash bots and other abusable common cheats.
  • The ping kicker now triggers on 1000+ ping.
  • Fixed several economy related issues.
  • You can no longer take your current vehicle in to the bonus vehicle minigame.
  • Player IDs will now show up in the chat.
  • Added some more of [KOM]Dimonchik's maps!
    • Tsukuba in /teles.
    • Drift Map in /teles.
    • Monster Parkour in /teles.
  • Players can now select the prefered colour of their names in /settings (of course you can only select colours that your rank allows you to have).
  • Updated the jail. /own is now removed and there are now 4 jail cells.
  • There are now a few more guns in the Ammunation store.
  • You can now clear all your weapons by donating them to an Ammunation store.
  • Added Miracoli's group commands. Use /cmds and look for the 'groups' category.
  • Added a missing interior to /interiormenu (Burglary House #18).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mission textdraw to stay visible after completing the trash master mission.
  • Added 'Frisse Adem' live server information to the home page of R-FS.


A few random server stats (these have never been published before):

Since 13 April 2010 there have been 350031 server joins and 10273 players banned. 5339 people got kicked for command/chat spam. There are 25835 failed login cases and there have been 19256 player complaints. Since the existence of the /rob command (25 April 2011) it has been successfully used 32536 times.

Enjoy the update and thanks for reading :D