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Version 5.8 released!

The banner for Update 5.8


Update change log time! R-FS v5.8 has been released a few days ago. This update requires you to update your client to SA:MP 0.3x. Unfortionally the server IP also changed due to Volt Host removing their servers from France. Check the module on the left for the IP link.

This update also includes many bug fixes, just like the older ones. But there are also a few more noticable changes.

Click the more link below to see the rest of the article and the full change log.


The bonus vehicle mini-game got replaced by a brand new drugs system! This has been made by Miracoli and me, so it's 100% custom. The entire system is dynamic and made from scratch.

There's a known bug that will cause the player to freeze if he jumps within 1 second of spawning. This happenes because of the new SA:MP skin bug workaround I've made.


Full change log:

  • Updated the server for SA:MP 0.3x. Please download the newest client.
  • Updated the server to 65 player slots. There's now a new IP address!
  • Fixed some internal bugs related to arrays.
  • Removed bonus vehicles, bonus vehicle checks, cranes and other stuff related to the minigame.
  • Added the missing Offroad Wheels to the /tmenu. :o
  • Fixed a bug that would cause people to be unable to start a race right after they joined the server.
  • Added /groupkick (/gkick) and /groupleader (/gleader) to the group cmds.
  • Updated the 'Satan's Corner' race. It's now called 'n4z1's Maze' and the map itself has been redesigned.
  • Added Minigun DM 4 (map by Dimonchik).
  • Server admins can now ban players who are offline using the IRC. Hopefully this means that the player complaints can be handled quicker.
  • Added the Caddy Madness 2 race (map by Dimonchik).
  • Fixed the freeze param in the main teleport function. You used to always get frozen when teleporting on foot, regardless if necessary or not.
  • Team killing is now a punishable offense.
  • /moviemode now supports two switches. One for textdraws and one for textdraws and name tags.
  • You can now use /car to spawn vehicles directly without opening the dialog. Simply add the vehicle name or ID to the command.
  • You'll only have 10 motolovs or bombs now after joining team dm 1 per round.
  • The admin trap should now never cause any problems again. It has been completely remade and works differently now.
  • The bug with TrainGuy's train might've been fixed. It didn't happen to me when testing on the test server.
  • I fixed the skin sync issue again, but I don't know if this will cause client crashes. It's based on a different workaround than the previous time.
  • Added some more Cookiemonster quotes.
  • Blocked the usage of horn ramps in races, missions and death match areas.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a player to get kicked for invalid login, even though he typed the correct password.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to bypass the invalid login limit.
  • Fixed a bug with /antifall that would cause you to be unable to leave non-bikes.
  • Fixed a bug that would make you immune to admin traps while you have /antifall enabled.
  • Made some anti-cheat improvements.
  • Added a dynamic drugs system as a replacement of the old bonus vehicles. You can buy seeds in The Lobby.
  • Removed over 20 useless PVars, variables/arrays and functions and optimized the way the server handles saves and loads.
  • The donator text labels and NPC text labels are now dynamically streamed.
  • General optimisations and bug fixes.
  • The home page webstats now use caching. This means that everything won't be 100% live anymore, but the page loads way faster now.
  • Updated the songs in /music.


I hope that everyone will enjoy the update, regardless of the issues with the host we've had.